In Farmer’s Cay in the Bahamas there is an annual festival and regatta that is held in February.
Bahamas C class racing is done in traditional open boats with lots of sail area and very little ballast. The boats would easily capsize in moderate conditions if it were not for the crew sitting out on long boards to keep the boat upright. The boats are made entirely of wood with a huge cockpit and large open space under the decks.  Hoping the boat finishes in one piece with all crew members on board is half of the fun of C-Class racing.

The Bahamas from the air!

While on Farmer’s Cay one of the locals, Barry,  had just caught a Hammer Head shark.  It did not make me want to go scuba diving!

The eye of the hammerhead

This is the head AND why it is called a Hammerhead.

One of my favorite photos!

Sea turtle

Sea turtle


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